TISJAlighting copper Tega


Een van Tisja’s favorieten, de Tega.

Breedte: 10cm

Hoogte: 21cm

Lengte: 195cm

Gewicht: +/- 850 gram

Dikte en materiaal: 0.7mm koper

Elektra: koper kleurige E27 fitting, max 20watt

Out of stock

This model will be back in stock in the beginning of April 2021. Send an email to info@tisja.com to pre order your Tega.

Beautiful hand beaten product, designed by TISJA and made by craftsman from Java.
The lamp is hand made of pure copper. The inside still has its red copper colour while the outside has a colourful patina.


Height: 21cm
Width: 10cm
Material: 100% copper
Thickness: 0.7mm
Electra:CE certified 220-240 volt
Black textile 1.80cm cord
Copper coloured fitting E27
Max 20 watt